Joint Commission Worldwide – Meeting All of the Standards of Healthcare and Safety

Joint Commission Worldwide Mission Statement: To continuously develop and enhance the standardized healthcare and facilitation for that public, together with other participants, by assessing healthcare systems and galvanizing these to stick out in supplying effective and safe proper care of the greatest quality and cost.Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission may be the world’s earliest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in healthcare. It had been founded by defining like a Patient Safety Solution system design or intervention which will demonstrate the opportunity to prevent or mitigate patient harm stemming in the processes of healthcare.

An introduction to Joint Commission Worldwide Accreditation Standards for that Quality Assessment of Healthcare Systems

Joint commission international’s commitment towards serving the humanity is providing services beyond componen excellence. Their accreditation program is much more than its standards, impeccable surveying process, scoring method, decision process and also the standard interpretation policies made JCI symbolic of public safety and health.

The accreditation and certification program of Joint Commission worldwide is made to meet all of the needs whether or not they are social, political or economical. JCI is positively employed in the countries where legislation continues to be enacted planning to enhance the health services and manage their cost.

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