As a rule, these procedures are performed after car body painting one month later

To eliminate minor defects that constantly occur on the surface of the car, you have to polish and grind the paint layer. As a rule, these procedures are performed after car body painting one month later. In some cases, you can start these activities earlier, the main thing is that all the work is carried out by experienced specialists.

During operation, a certain sequence should be observed:

  1. Body grinding
  2. Polishing using abrasive products
  3. Polishing with the use of special pastes that give the body a shine and additional protection against damage.

Grinding can be either wet or dry. Wet grinding is carried out using clean water and waterproof sandpaper. As for dry grinding, it can be done manually or automatically. The most vulnerable areas and components of the car should be sanded manually.

After grinding the body is polished. Polishing is a very responsible process. After all, the appearance of the car depends on its quality. As a rule, polishing is never done immediately after painting. The paint should be sufficiently dry and harden.

With the help of polishing it is possible to mask even the smallest and minor cracks or scratches. The main task of polishing is to make the car appearance even more attractive.

A number of factors have a significant effect on the polishing duration. Here you can note the negative effects of sunlight in the summer, low temperatures, winter frosts, as well as dust and frequent visits to car washes. As a rule, within six months the appearance of the painted car will be impeccable.

So, the simple rules listed above, if they are strictly followed, it will allow car owners to maintain the car appearance after painting in perfect condition, as well as save a significant amount of money on a new painting.


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