2 Ways to create fake pregnant belly at home

Are you thinking of buying a fake pregnant belly, but you have enough money? If yes, today we are going to tell you some steps, with the help of which you can build it sitting at home at a reasonable price. Before the steps, you should take some important information about it to know its uses and advantages. It is a type of figure which is using in various TV serial advertisements and films from that they can show their characters in a pregnant condition. Along with this, it is also utilizing under medical training in which the person taking training is told how the operation is performed.

¬†All these reasons are different, but it is using for many other benefits, which in real life bring benefits to a pregnant woman. Whenever a woman is pregnant, she has to endure many types of pain related to her body, including joint pain and others. This is a great way to get relief from all these pains because, with the help of this, you can save your baby from being bump and provide protection. Along with this, it also takes excellent care of your baby’s help and helps give a good body structure to the stomach of a pregnant lady.

Methods to create-

As you all know, many companies in the market manufacture it, but many people want to take care of their babies but cannot afford it. If you are also struggling with such a condition, there is no need to take tension; we will tell you some ways to easily make your fake pregnant belly and make your baby’s life safer.

  • Make through helmet-

It is a great way that is used by people, and along with this, the company also uses this technology in manufacturing. As you all know, many helmets are available in the market, but you should always choose a bicycle helmet because it helps provide the right shape. Cover the entire helmet with the help of masking tape, and all the ridges ones visible on it are hidden. Apply the tape in such a way that the helmet becomes completely smooth from above and inner.

 There are some straps on the side of the helmet, which are very important to remove because if they are a little pointy, they can cause damage. In this way, you can use your helmet easily with the help of a bandage. One thing must be kept in mind, always keep the bandage full to the stomach so that it looks like a fake pregnant belly.

  • Through blanket-

This is also very easy and comfortable because the blanket is neither too harsh nor will cause any kind of infection on your skin. For this, you will need two quilts which are of single bed only and should be very thin according to your comfort. Under this, you have to convert the first blanket inside the diamond shape. In this way, you can easily build a fake pregnant belly without investing much money at home.

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